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The Battleship Board Room - Slideshow Tour

The Battleship Board Room is located in Dean Realty Co.'s premier office building, 10 Cambridge Place, in Dean's Cambridge Business Park, Kansas City, KS.
The suite is situated on glass on the building's first floor just beyond the main entrance.
The suite features period details, including an actual porthole from the USS Oregon battleship, Library of Congress-issued blueprints and a scale model completed by model shipbuilders who have served many U. S. presidents. Behind the mahogany desk is an actual helm chair converted to an executive chair.
Further details include period ship lanterns fashioned into sconces and period brass lamps converted to electricity.
Copies of the ship's blue prints were secured from the Library of Congress archives.
The images were scanned and extensively cleaned and reverse-imaged to create copies bearing the handwritten details of the ship's original plans.
Even the hull design of the Indiana-class ship was scanned and digitally restored. The various blueprints were utilized and referred to in the creation of many of the suite's furniture elements, as well as the building of the model.
Close-up of the model of the USS Oregon as she was laid in peace-time colors. The specifications and building of the model took nearly a year and in two separate locations within the United States, as well as overseas with professional detailers in the Philippines. The model is enclosed in a sealed glass and mahogany case resting on a custom mahogany keel, and museum-quality alarms protect her from theft.
The two plaques featured at the center of the ship within the model enclosure.
Also within the model enclosure are placed the Oregon's crest to the left...
...and Navy seal to the right.
More modern amenities include a refrigerator, sink, large-screen television and oversized executive waiting chairs. The suite features copper-toned grass cloth that complements the carpet, as well as nautical-styled upholstered guest chairs.
An armoire was custom made for the suite that features ship details including grated steel sides that mimic grates documented in photos of the ship, large steel bands, rivets and hinges fashioned to emulate those on the USS Oregon, as well as insets of the actual teak wood reclaimed from the Oregon by Lester Dean, Sr.
Inside the armoire, which serves as a coat and storage closet, is a plaque that details the features of the armoire and the connection of the teak to our founder, Lester Dean, Sr.
The reception table is fashioned of the same teak wood salvaged from the USS Oregon by Dean, Sr.
The table bears a plaque explaining that it was created and perfectly scaled to complete the bow section of the conference room table, also made of the reclaimed teak.
The conference room table is made to scale in the shape of the USS Oregon's deck from end to end around the fore and aft large gun turrets. The original penetrations and openings remain in the teak wood as it was salvaged from the ship's decks and officers' quarters.
The bases of the conference room table are fashioned to scale in the shape of the bow and stern at cross sections of the hull. Careful attention was taken to ensure details are as close to authentic as possible.
Conference room chairs are actual, custom-made leather helm chairs typically used on yachts. The standard boat post mounts were removed from beneath and retrofitted with high-end executive chair bases. The company logo and crest of the USS Oregon are embroidered into the headrest.
The history of the USS Oregon and the battleship's connection to our founder are detailed in photographs and titles at one end of the conference room above the buffet and next to the suite's extensive technology closet.
Modern features of the conference room include a large screen television with full audio/visual and conferencing capabilities, as well as a wireless Mimio system mounted on a dry erase board in the custom-built, retractable cabinet.
The suite further features a photograph of our founder, Lester Dean, Sr., commemorating the entrepreneurial and enduring spirit we believe is inherent in the life stories of both the USS Oregon and our founder.